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How to check an Ubuntu .iso file

After downloading an .iso file from ubuntu.com (please tick the box under the “Start Download” green button if you want the alternate version and choose a mirror close to your location), you need to verify that the .iso file is not corrupted before you can use it to install Ubuntu.

Ubuntu provides the md5 hashes of all the released .iso files. Please read here for more information about md5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5). To check the file, we’ll use md5sum.

  • md5sum on the downloaded file
    Go to the directory the file is located and run md5sum. In the example below, I had downloaded the file to the desktop:

    :~ $cd Desktop/
    :~/Desktop $ md5sum ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso 
    9a4ae3cfd68911a861d094ec834c9b48  ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso

    Then verify it matches the hash from the Ubuntu release.

  • md5sum on the burnt file
    Once you have burnt the .iso file to a CD, it is a good idea to check it too, and verify nothing happened during the process. By default, Ubuntu mounts the cdrom to /media:

    :~ $ cd /media/cdrom0/
    :/media/cdrom0 $ md5sum -c md5sum.txt | grep -v 'OK$'
    :/media/cdrom0 $ 

    If the match is good, there will be no error on the output.

You can then use the disk to install Ubuntu :)


Shamelessly inspired from the Ubuntu Community Documentation page. Please refer to this page if you are downloading and burning the .iso file on Windows.


wubdepends, get Ubuntu packages for an off line machine

I ran into wubdepends in a UF thread.
christhemonkey has written a utility in python that allows to download a package from the ubuntu repositories, along with all its dependencies.

Many people around the world have problems getting online at home, or have trouble setting up a connection, and I see requests to get packages off line quite often on UF. I have not tested wubdepends, but I really like the idea. There is a .exe for windows, interesting if the only internet access point is on a Windows machine.


Sourceforge Project

Blog split

After much pondering, I’ve decided to copy my articles in French to a new blog, where I’ll be resuming posting in French. I had dropped writing French articles because it was a pain to have double entries on this blog. Several persons were unhappy about it, but I never took the time to set up something else.
Nothing will change for the RSS feeds on PUU for ex, as I’ll keep writing occasional entries not suited for the Planet and the current set up works fine. This blog will be English-only from now on.

So here it is, for the ones interested: http://bapoumba2fr.wordpress.com/.
I kept the same layout, I just like it for now.

/me feels better :D

A new Community OpenOffice.org forum

This was posted today on the OpenOffice announce mailing-list –> Linky to the new forum.

From the ml announcement:

This new Forum goes beyond being simply a knowledge base of questions and answers and is rather a place for OpenOffice.org users to interact freely with each other.

I see Hagar de l’Est (Salut JN ;)) is already there. Welcome and happy life :)
The OpenOffice forums in French are here.

Malicious commands that can compromize a Linux system

Following up on a previous entry and on K.Mandla’s article, here is a link to a Sotfpedia article by Marius Nestor, inspired by the announcement jdong posted on the Ubuntu forums.
Edit 071203: How did I miss Aysiu’s post

Once again, information and education of the new users is the best answer we can offer, in addition to some adapted moderation rules and actions on the forums that will be discussed during our next Forum Council Meeting (date and time to be set up).

In the mean time, many thanks to the numerous UF members who have changed their signature to warn new users, reported malicious entries and quickly posted warnings in the attacked threads :)

Epiphany 2.20.2 has been released

And I was pleased to read:

A lot of refactoring work is taking place to bring the Gecko and Webkit back-ends on equal footing.


Bug fixes and release notes

Lettre hebdomadaire Ubuntu 67 du 18 au 24 novembre 2007

Au sommaire :

  • Chaque étudiant macédonien utilisera Ubuntu
  • MOTU
  • Azureus est réparé
  • Nouvelles de Launchpad
  • Nouvelles des forums Ubuntu
  • Revue de presse
  • Dans la blogosphère
  • Réunions et évènements
  • Mises à jour et mises à jour de sécurité
  • Statistiques concernant les bugs et les traductions

L’article complet est sur le wiki et le blog.