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Share your gutsy install/upgrade experience.

Ubuntuforums are the official support forums for Ubuntu. Many users seek support or help with their Ubuntu system, but not only. The chat areas are also very active. However, when it comes down to the OS, most of the threads are to solve issues, fix things, get encouragements, basically get community help.

As the community grows the forums can fulfill another need: have users come over to get feedback, and if possible, positive feedback.
Frodon has started a thread where you can also share your positive experiences regarding the recent install/upgrade to gutsy, the latest Ubuntu release.

As zasf points it out:

“I’m going to upgrade right now. I wanted to have a look at the forums in order to know some other’s experience before doing it.”

So please, contribute to the thread, answer to the poll, so that your own experience can allow to draw a broader picture of the overall transition to gutsy.