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Moving from Firefox to Chrome

There is no special reason, I like Firefox and it served me well. I may as well move the other way around in the future. I needed some change, and had the use for a specific Chrome extension.

I currently work on four machines. One big iMac and a MacBook from work, a laptop and a netbook I own, both running on Ubuntu. Moving was the only solution as it is too difficult not to rely on browser automatism as I already have to adjust OS automatism across the machines.
I’m using quite a lot of userscripts that work right out of the box on Chrome



First thing I did was share the bookmarks with xmarks. I uploaded the most complete and satisfying set from my Ubuntu laptop Firefox and downloaded everywhere else. Xmarks works on most popular browsers.


I did not want to use LastPass, the online password facility, so I choose KeePassX. KeepassX encrypts the databases (it can use several which is convenient) securely enough for me and is cross platform. I share the databases across the computers with an USB stick I formated in HFS where both MacOS and Linux can read/write without hassle.

Now the real reason for the move: I’ve started to use Google Plus. At first it was just to have a look at this yet-another probably-deja-vu social network. Then I found myself using it way more than I had been using Facebook. I have been forwarding my work mail to a Gmail account for a long time (mailboxes are very small at work and get filled pretty fast) and I have had another account for my Linux stuff since they opened or so. Gmail is opened all day long, my Android phone is connected to both accounts, Google calendar is synced all across the machines. G+ got on me even before I knew it.

The real reason

The Chrome extension I’m using, Start Google + allows to feed G+ posts into Facebook and Twitter. I think it slows down quite a bit my browser experience, I may disable it at some point or look for another plugin. If I do that, you will be able to say “why stay with Chrome?”

Well, we’ll see ;-)


I’m using the BetterPrivacy add-on to Firefox. Chrome can clear flash cookies without the need of an extension. Wrench > Tools > Under the Hood > Clear Browsing Data > Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data. All set!