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What is a rank regarding the web?

BoardReader. I had never heard of this site, I’ve just been getting lots of results from them when I perform Linux and Ubuntu Google searches lately. So I looked a little bit more into it.

The About Us page states:

Boardreader uses proprietary software that allows users to search multiple message boards simultaneously, allowing users to share information in a truly global sense.

Special retrieval and indexing algorithms as well as unique topic relevance ordering rules are but a few parts of what is needed to allow you to view what we affectionately call the ‘human experience’.


Here is the ubuntuforums page on BoardReaders. UF is ranking 19 (Apple is 9) and there is an interesting list of the most active threads and members for the week ^^
I am not sure what to make of it for now, but this is another piece of information regarding UF activity.

However, I have a couple of questions.

      1- How do they measure activity? I’m not so tech and math savvy, so even if they explained, I may not be able to understand. But I guess it should be explained, so that the results they are displaying can make sense. I suppose it has to do with numbers (posts, incoming and outgoing links, pages views etc..).
      2- They provide a ranking page. What is a rank? How is it set up? What does it mean?
      3- Is it fame, based on usage? The more a forum is used, the more relevance it has kinda thing?

World Wide Word of Mouth? Is that what ranking is? Please tell me something new.