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So, you made a mistake..

There was a recent incident that made the blogosphere go nuts, a slip during a talk (35 min through the talk).
As always, Matt Zimmerman had a very useful and thought through post.

Where to go from there ? Maybe read this (stole the article title for this blog post), or that and the ongoing discussion (thanks Jan).

So, Mark, why remain silent? Is commenting/apologising/moving on with it for the whole community not worth it? How many additional incidents will be needed for the Ubuntu community collective unconscious to take note that even under 3 % of the FLOSS population is not expandable ?

/me will patiently wait. Cheers :)


UF Tutorial of the Week – October 05, 2009.

Quite often, there is a delay between latest stable application version from an upstream project and updated version from the Ubuntu repositories. This gap is quite important with ALSA. Here is a tutorial from soundcheck that will help you install the latest official stable ALSA release: “ALSA Upgrade Script“. The script should be used with caution as it installs packages itself without going through official repositories. A restore option is provided to reinstall sensitive packages and get them back to their previous Ubuntu version. Many sound issues appear to be solved by this tutorial! Sound should be treated like video via restricted hardware..

Enjoy :)


UF post
soundcheck’s tutorial on UF

UF Tutorial of the Week – September 21, 2009.

DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) is in the BIOS and this is where the OS looks for hardware and configuration info. It sometimes needs to be adjusted, in particular regarding ACPI. 67GTA has written a comprehensive tutorial for Ubuntu and Linux Mint: “HOWTO Fix A Buggy DSDT File” which currently works only up to Jaunty 9.04 release. I’m not sure I understand all the details, but reading through the thread, members seem to be able to fix a large range of ACPI related issues.

Credits to unutbu who suggested the tutorial. As unutbu puts it:

It is kind of amazing (at least to me) that fixing one file can solve such a variety of problems.


UF post

Marking Threads as Solved on the Ubuntu Forums

The feature had been deactivated due to database corruptions issues with the plugin. After the devs rewrote the code, ubuntu-geek made it available again. You’ll find it under the Thread Tools menu. You can only mark your own threads as solved. The action can be reverted and the thread marked as unsolved.


UF Tutorial of the Week – August 31, 2009.

This week we will explore some basic networking skills, and how to block IP lists from the GUI. uljanow has written a very popular “HOWTO: Graphical IP Blocker” which he’s been actively supporting for two years now. The thread is huge and uljanow made it easy for beginners. Please stop by!


Ubuntu Forums post
UWN #157

UF Tutorial of the Week – August 24, 2009.

Long time no see :)

This is the second ToW from master_kernel, a very popular and supported tutorial started in December 2006. Such dedication and popularity had to be recognized. Ever dreamed to compile your kernel? Check the “Master Kernel Thread” and dive! master_kernel will be there to give you a hand. Nice work, see you soon :)


UF Tutorial of the Week – July 13, 2009.

tinivole has put together all the instructions to solve problems when using NViDIA video cards of the 8400 series and up. He is actively supporting his tutorial and many people have given input. Debugging steps are suggested if all does not go as per the book, as well as reverting the changes and going back to the ubuntu supported drivers.

The tutorial is located here: HowTo: NViDIA 185.18 Drivers in Ubuntu

Enjoy and see you soon :)