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Ubuntuforums : changes on accounts permissions.

For a very long time, we did not want to take away from new users the possibility to customize their profiles. Fact is several of us in the forums Staff team had to spend at least one hour a day cleaning after spammers. Spammers tactic: fill profile fields with spam links, upload spam pics as avatar, even create user albums with the pics, comment on other regular users profiles, send PMs or emails etc. All of these are sneaky as we need to examine each profile to find them out.

Starting today, users with post counts < 50 will not be able anymore to customize their profile. It’s been a difficult decision we agonized over a for a long time. We believe 50 posts is a good comprise between annoying spammers and annoying genuine users. Oh well.

For more details if you are interested, please read the link below.


Notification thread on UF

Ubuntu Membership through ubuntuforums contributions.

The Forums Council has decided to move to rolling membership applications rather than specific application timing. The Membership Application Forum is thus opened and will remain open. The application reviews will take place about once a month.


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Membership Application Forum
Application recommendations
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