Social Fixer for Facebook

I think I tried this long ago, but I have not been a real Facebook user, so I stopped using it.

Now that I manage a Facebook page for my students, I find myself a lot more on Facebook. I’ve been annoyed by all the post suggestions and game stuff and upcoming events and such that show up _a lot_ on my news feed. I do understand the economical model that makes Facebook at no charge for me and turns me into a merchandize. Nonetheless, it bugs me, hurts my eyes and tickles my nerves. I choose to watch (mostly and when possible) add free TV programs, do not listen at all to commercial radios and try to walk away from commercial adds that pollute my brain as much as I can.

I have to say I’m much impressed with them now, and their support. Social Fixer changes the way “you” see Facebook in your browser (too bad there is no SF for the FB mobile app for now), is customizable so you can hide things, move them to a tab and more to make FB  experience much better imho.

When I’ve needed help, they answered within a minute, wow, have been friendly and everything. Their support group on FB is quite active and full of information. Volunteer work I warmly recommend.


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