My teenager top 8 Linux games

So my eldest son is not a young kid any longer.. He still plays a lot on his computer running Ubuntu Intrepid (will upgrade to Jaunty soon) along with msn and jabber talks with his friends. Here are his most popular Linux games. The screenshots are not his, I took them on the internets from sites with CC license. C’mon, why bother making a screenshot for his ‘ma? I begged, got angry, ignored him, but at least, I got the list and his wording :)

Urban Terror

His current favorite. Urban Terror is a free FPS, Counter Strike looking, with many different game mods. It has very good 3D rendering and graphics, making it very realistic. They kept the Quake3 3D engine, allowing jumping and running matrix-style. Many servers are available, and he plays on survivor or death match-type servers. The injuries are very well handled.
Screenshot from



Nexuiz is another FPS with the best looking graphics for a free game, in his opinion. The action never stops, this is a very intensive game. Only death matches or capture the flag type of games. Good for spending energy!
Screenshot from



Tremulous is a FPS with role play, where you can choose your equipment after you have killed enough enemies and earned enough money. Patience and skills are needed to get the best equipment.
Screenshot from



A small brick game to kill time when waiting for answers on msn (me: doh..). Colorful and no hassle. The official page seems dead..
Screenshot from Yekcim.



One of the Gnome games. Good for his logic (me: doh..) and deduction. Another way to wait for msn conversations or before going to bed.
Screenshot from


Blobwars – atanks – Armagetron

Please see the previous blog entry for details here.



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  2. Morghan

    I prefer Tecnoballz to lBreakout. Not that the reccomendation here is bad, but the powerup system in Tecnoballz makes it more enjoyable for me and my family.

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