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The ubuntuforums have become the largest GNU/Linux forums worlwide. With the expanding community, the crew taking care of the forums and the forums categories and features have grown with time. It is easy for new people to get lost within such an active message board. We currently have 793,387 members and 65,554 active members (members who have posted at least once in the last month), 995,019 threads and 6,367,064 posts after a heavy Spring cleaning. Here is a little summary of the important links to keep at hand:

  • The UF Code of Conduct, the link is located under the “Forum Help” menu, in the banner.
  • The Staff crew. Names in black or green show specific sub-forums moderators (typically, moderators from LoCos sub-forums where English is not the main language, or specific projects moderators). Names in red are global UF moderators and dark red administrators. Global mods and admins are members of the Launchpad UF Staff Team.
  • The Forums Council is composed of the 5 Forums administrators. Mike Basinger is also a Community Council member.
  • The Resolution Center is here to help resolve moderation issues on the Forums. Only the Forum Council members are allowed to answer, to keep the discussion focused on resolving the issue. If no agreement is reached, it can be discussed during a Forum Council meeting (agenda here) after the item has been added. The meetings take place in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net.
  • The Forum Feedback and Help where topics regarding the forums themselves (questions or issues, bugs etc.) should be posted. One important sticky in this area is the Guide to Forums features that will help new comers to get started with the forums options and available features. Bugs can also be filed on Launchpad.
  • Reporting a thread or a post sends a message in the “Reported Posts” area, only visible by global mods and admins. We usually get from 40 to 60 reported posts per 24h, each one of them is taken care of. Addressing the Reported Posts is at the Staff discretion. We have a set of codes among ourselves to inform others a report has been dealt with. In any case, discussion regarding the actions we deploy are frequent and we usually wait everyone has had a chance to see the report and add input before acting. Of course, taking care of spam does not fall under this umbrella and is usually immediate.

Ubuntuforums is a large house, we try to keep it pleasant and helpful. See you there!


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