No sound in stock xchat 2.8.4

I rarely go log into IRC channels, and had not done it after I got this laptop last summer. When I do (there will be an unbutuforums meeting I can attend in a few minutes), I use xchat. I know there is a whole set of IRC clients, but this is the first one I used, and it fits my very basic needs.

Surprisingly, there was no sound on this default fresh install (Ubuntu Hardy). I created a ~/.xchat2/sounds file which was missing and copied a .wav file from /usr/share/sounds, then enabled it from xchat preferences menu. All set!

Looking around, I found a xchat-gnome package that I will try soon.


3 thoughts on “No sound in stock xchat 2.8.4

  1. Rehan

    XChat by default doesn’t come with the sounds folder anymore. If you need sounds you can create it under home/.xchat2/sounds/ and then place whatever files you want in there. I thought it was kind of silly that they don’t include any sounds on their own!

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