Known hardy bugs and workarounds

frodon has started a thread on UF to collect hardy bugs and workarounds. If you stumbled upon a bug and found a workaround, feel free to post in the thread so that the sticky can be improved.

  • sudo unable to resolve host: Workaround, Bug Report 1, Bug Report 2.
  • Excessive disk I/O in Firefox 3b5: Workaround, Bug report.
  • Samba Shares: Workaround, Bug report.
    -Note : Basically right click on a directory and share it -> Install the needed samba server -> log out and back in -> Repeat right click on directory to share.
    Do Not Share $HOME : See Deeta’s post #7 in the “Workaround” above.
  • ATI & Compiz: Rocket2DMn’s Workaround, Bug report.
  • GVFS and disk usage: Workaround, Bug report.
  • SATA drives not detected in IDE mode (DELL users mainly): Workaround, related thread, Bug report.
  • Install VMWare Server: Workaround, not really a bug, more of a FAQ.
  • VirtualBox OSE: Problem : VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED). Workaround : Remove VirtualBox OSE and install the PUEL version, Bug report.
  • System -> Quit takes a long time to appear: Workaround: Re-enable the gnome-power-manager in Administration-Sessions, Bug report.
  • Shut down screen problem?: Workaround.
  • Downgrade to Firefox 2, add-ons will not install: Workaround.
  • Edit /etc/sudoers with gedit: Workaround, Bug report.
  • High CPU usage in system monitor: Workaround – use top or htop in the meantime, thanks vor, Bug report – fixed upstream and currently in -proposed (may 08th 2008).
  • Bluetooth headsets not working: Workaround, Bug report.
  • USB devices and permissions: Workaround, Bug Report.
    – The syntax used in the 40-permissions.rules has changed with 8.04. In addition, any user changes now need to be in a user-numbered-and-named.rules file higher than 40.
    Thanks anewguy.
  • Crash after installing system-config-samba: Workaround : sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf, Bug Report. Thanks kikke.


UF thread.


May 08th 2008: High CPU usage in system monitor.
May 10th 2008: Bluetooth headsets not working, USB devices and permissions, Crash after installing system-config-samba.

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11 thoughts on “Known hardy bugs and workarounds

  1. Nico

    Hi Isabelle,

    Some of your links are not working as they have been made shorter by including “…” in them.

    I can’t wait to read about the FF disk I/O stuff!


  2. bapoumba Post author

    Please reload the page, should be fixed now, thanks :)
    I usually check all the links before I submit, in particular when copy/pasting. As it always work first time around, this time I did not check /o\.

    I know better.. Please accept my apologies.

  3. Nico

    xulrunner is in proposed-updates in order to really fix the FF i/O bug.

    Thanks for the fix !


  4. bapoumba Post author

    Thanks Nico :)
    My main box is on repairs, so I did not add the -proposed repos to this one. There have been issues with packages from -proposed in the past (but it is what they are designed for, testing packages before they hit the main repos).

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  7. Alan Doyle

    I’ve reinstalled my laptop and tried the PPA packages and they seem to work fine too. Saves me compiling them :)

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