My kids Top 6 Linux games

Edit: please see here for my teenager’s pick :)

We are leaving for a short vacation week, I’ve been begged not to leave my laptops at home. Here are the reasons why:


Once atanks (package atanks) is installed, you launch it from a terminal. The goal is to destroy other tanks before they destroy yours. You can earn “money” when you hit them and win, buy weapons, and get more powerful shields. My kids are not fluent in English, my systems are in English, they found their way around on their own.

Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid

Install the blobwars package (home page) and there will be an entry in the games menu, such as for the other games below. There was a war in the little Blobs world. You need to save all the Blobs while facing the ugly enemies and Galdov, their leader, using different weapons and ways to kill. You can turn on/off the blood effects, which are not scary. I like the “scroutch” sound the aliens make when they die ^^


Do you remember Tron, the movie? Armagetron is inspired from Tron. Drive a “Light Cycle”, a bike, that creates plasma walls where it goes. The closer you get to a wall, the faster you drive. Do not crash against it and force the enemies to crash by putting walls around them. Bottom line, be fast. They like the game, for short periods of time, it is quite intense, on the keyboard too..


Beware, the music can be obnoxious after a while. It’s a nice music, but it gets to my nerves. In wormux, you choose a number of teams (usually, my kids choose 4 teams), their look (dragons, foxes, bulls, pigs, etc.) and their weapons. Then you command one team and you have to exterminate the other ones. The nice thing is that you cycle through the teams. The winner is the team that has members left when all the other ones are dead.


Powermanga is a “shoot’em up” with manga-style drawing and lots of colors. You drive a space ship and have to destroy asteroids and enemy vessels. At times, the two youngest ones team up to use the keyboard with their little fingers and win. Side note: no music ;)

Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is a classic, you launch balls to a series of other balls, they fall when you hit at least two adjacent balls with the same color. You win when all the balls are gone, before the top wall pushes them down and they hit the launcher. Some levels are easier than others. If you are too slow, the ball gets launched anyway, so hurry!

The descriptions are theirs, with their words and my own comments. All of the games are in the universe Ubuntu repositories. 3 boys, how did you guess?


20 thoughts on “My kids Top 6 Linux games

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  2. Fabian Rodriguez

    Not sure if TuxPaint would qualify but my daughter is addicted to it. Too bad the games you mention except Frozen Bubble involve destruction or killing at some level.

  3. bapoumba Post author

    @ Fabian, I’ll have them try TuxPaint, thanks. I have 3 boys, I cannot help the killings ;)
    Even their outdoor games have competition, winners, losers, weapons. A wood stick can turn into a firearm. I try to offer alternate outdoor (balls, kites, bikes..) and indoor (cards, drawings, Legos..) occupations, but when they play on the computers, these games are their favorites.

  4. bapoumba Post author

    Okay, jluc, thanks. ri-li is also in the universe repositories. I’ll have them try it :)
    At some point, we went through the game list in universe, they tried a lot of games, and the ones listed were the only ones they kept playing.

  5. DEoT

    I think gltron is better than armagetron
    you should try it if you like this game.

    (i believe gltron is in Universe)

  6. ukubuntu

    If they like killing, but you want to improve them, TuxMath is a good one, you have to shoot down sums by answering them correctly and TuxTyping to improve their keyboard skills

    Hope that helps

  7. ukubuntu

    Oh and with reference to ´the games you mention except Frozen Bubble involve destruction or killing at some level.´ Even in FZ, bubbles burst as a result of the player´s actions.


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  9. sikanrong

    dude(s), i don’t know if destruction of tron motorbikes or shooting little planes counts as real violence, even for your kids.

  10. BobbyBionic

    Même pas LiquidWar… Ils n’ont aucun goût ! ;-)

    La forme maman ? Avec mon absence prolongée et mes flux en retard j’avais même pas fait attention que toi et stemp avaient migré chez wordpress !

  11. myster

    Hey Bap,
    It’s been a while.How are you ?
    I suggest you of the other game as fish fillets and xmoto for your kid.
    In place of powermanga I suggest chromium.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  12. benoit

    je plussoie BobbyBionic pour liquidwars
    mais surtout, fais leur essayer gridwars, absolument
    c’est important, n’oublie pas!

  13. bapoumba Post author

    The above comment was in my spam queue, and after reviewing I decided to approve it. The company is selling family-friendly games that will work on Linux, worth advertising. I have not tried the demos, but instructions look clear enough to me (although the authors should be aware that current Ubuntu version is at least two releases above the ones they are offering instructions for).

    One other point readers should note: the site has a clear Christian flavor. Now you know, and can decide you visit or not :)

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