Last two weeks were frantic, next two will be even more. Life and work have kept me away from blogging and from the forums. I barely can keep up with the UWN translations. I miss all of it.. Hopefully, things will level out in a couple weeks.

Preparing new classes, I realized Creative Commons had a whole set of licenses I had never noticed (it may not be news to you ^^), ranging from full copyright to public domain, including GNU GPL, BSD etc. Linky.
Their History page is from July 2007. Doh, am I late.


2 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Sikon

    Don’t use Creative Commons. Having a plethora of licenses is wrong, and “noncommercial” and “no derivative works” licenses are particularly non-free.

    Use GFDL or the Artistic License.

  2. bapoumba Post author

    I had been thinking about it for some time now, but all the terminology and related readings are quite confusing to me. I saw GFLD is also the License Wikipedia uses.

    I changed it here (and on the related blog in French), although I’d happily be informed about the “non-free” bits. I’ll feel less ignorant, and a link will be fine, many thanks :)

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