Add GNOME applets to the Xfce panel

Hmm, well, yes, I hear you: what for, why do that?
Just because ^^

    1. Install xfce4-xfapplet-plugin from the universe repositories, then add it to the Xfce panel:


    2. Choose a GNOME applet to add:


    3. All done, the GNOME User Switcher is in place :)


Quoting the package description:

Description: Gnome applets plugin for Xfce panel
XfApplet is a plugin for the Xfce 4 panel. The plugin itself has no special functionality, its only purpose is to enable one to use Gnome applets inside the Xfce 4 panel just as they are used inside the Gnome panel.


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13 thoughts on “Add GNOME applets to the Xfce panel

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  2. muody

    I want it reverse way: gnome system monitor applet should look like XFCE’s one. maybe the applet I’m looking for exists?

  3. Luis RG

    Gracias bapoumba me ha servido mucho dado que no podia bajar el brillo de mi escritorio y la verdad adoro XFCE.

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  5. n

    is there an opposite of this? add xfce applet to gnome panel. i really want to use xfce’s directory-menu in gnome-fallback.

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