Why do I blog?

I’ve been pondering this question for some time now. It’s been a year since the first blog was opened on free.fr (with a little help from my friend Stemp), and here I am, still enjoying blogging.

  • I blog for myself-1. It helps me rationalize my ideas when I have to write them down. Making them public forces me to think these ideas through. I have only two non-published articles, one on some additional Tips and Tricks that needs some fuel, another one on an unresolved Nvidia issue. So I publish everything that I write. Looking back, I mostly write about technical stuff, not that much about personal opinions. Same thing on ubuntuforums. I’m not sure why, may be because I prefer face to face debates or I feel loosing my time arguing over the internet.
  • I blog for myself-2. The blog is a convenient place to keep useful notes related to Ubuntu, provided I’m online. When I help people on UF, I often go back and look what I have already written, saves my memory space for other things ^^.
  • I blog for my friends. I know they are subscribed to the blogs I maintain. So whether you read me in not-so-good-English (here) or in French (there), I thank you for the positive feedback you have been giving. Keeps me going.
  • I blog to help people. I do not care about traffic, popularity and stuff like that. If articles are of some help, it makes my day. And I try to feed original content, not old reheated dishes from the supermarket. I really dislike seeing all the same supposed hot news make the blogosphere buzz. I admit stealing ideas from UF where I am a mod (it helps ;)) and where I hang out quite a bit, giving credits and references. I dislike even more seeing over-chewed blog articles without proper references (“Look, I just wrote that” kinda thing).

    Hmm.. So much for the technical side this time around :tongue:


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  1. bapoumba Post author

    Hey Vid, it used to be. After I moved my blog last summer to this new place (I had constant access problems with my former host), I gave the new link to Liz a couple times. If you have access to the server, you can pull the “Ubuntu” category. I can give you the exact feed link in a mail. Thanks :)

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