wubdepends, get Ubuntu packages for an off line machine

I ran into wubdepends in a UF thread.
christhemonkey has written a utility in python that allows to download a package from the ubuntu repositories, along with all its dependencies.

Many people around the world have problems getting online at home, or have trouble setting up a connection, and I see requests to get packages off line quite often on UF. I have not tested wubdepends, but I really like the idea. There is a .exe for windows, interesting if the only internet access point is on a Windows machine.


Sourceforge Project


7 thoughts on “wubdepends, get Ubuntu packages for an off line machine

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  2. linuxtechie

    Wow! I happened to accidentally click on a link to here but I’m glad I did. Lol. I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for a while now. I have an Xubuntu machine that is off line. I’ve tried things like Apt-on-CD but taking packages from Ubuntu to Xubuntu doesn’t always work out too well. This is perfect! Thanks for writing a blog on this. Otherwise I probably would have never found out about this. ;)

  3. bapoumba Post author

    You’re welcome. If you have time, please post here how it works out for you, I’ll forward to the author on UF, as I could not find anywhere to inform him. Thanks!

  4. linuxtechie

    I seem to have run into a bit of a problem. I downloaded the .tar.gz package and it appears to be a Python script. I made sure it was executable but when I tried to run it I got
    : No such file or directory
    I’m not exactly sure what it could mean.

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