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After much pondering, I’ve decided to copy my articles in French to a new blog, where I’ll be resuming posting in French. I had dropped writing French articles because it was a pain to have double entries on this blog. Several persons were unhappy about it, but I never took the time to set up something else.
Nothing will change for the RSS feeds on PUU for ex, as I’ll keep writing occasional entries not suited for the Planet and the current set up works fine. This blog will be English-only from now on.

So here it is, for the ones interested:
I kept the same layout, I just like it for now.

/me feels better :D

3 thoughts on “Blog split

  1. ayoli

    Just discovered you and then your blog which looks interesting :)
    Didn’t you try language plugins before choosing to make a blog per lang ? (ie: but maybe it is not possible to install plugins on when your wp blog is hosted on
    A side note to suggest which provide a dynamic blogroll for blogs. It works with rss feed from the blogs you choose and display the last article where you place the feevy script, really cool :)


  2. bapoumba Post author

    Many thanks, ayoli :) does not allow plugins or javascript code etc. Some available themes comes with a given set of widgets that can be enabled. There are other advantages, such as reliability, backups and almost no bandwidth limits, that are very convenient to me.
    I used to have a blog on a free host, but my patience ran out of all the down times.

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