2.3 color palette

You can add custom colors with > Tools > Options > > Colors.
In this process, OOo crashed down on me this morning (I’m running Gutsy and using OOo from Ubuntu repos). It would run again, reopen the files, but all the color palette for text or objects was gone gone gone:

A purge/reinstall with aptitude did not help.

Thanks to my friends from the “Linux On The Roots” mailing list (see the link under “Linux” category, web site in French), I could get the palette back in my user folder. The ~/.openoffice.org2/user/config/standard.soc was empty… I just copied back /usr/lib/openoffice/presets/config/standard.soc in my ~/.openoffice.org2/user/config/ file.

Hmm. Not the first time around an app closes down on me emptying some config files. Last time, it was the Xfce panels. Gremlins?