Testing feeds

Sorry for the noise, and thanks to dthomasdigital for investigating, to Tiago for changing the feed on PUU. Hopefully, this blog title going to appear right.

Not sure what happened to wordpress.com rss feeds..


3 thoughts on “Testing feeds

  1. bapoumba Post author

    Hello timethief :)

    My blog gets aggregated in several Planets (for ex PUU, Planet Ubuntu Users here: http://ubuntuweblogs.org/).

    For several days, the post title was not appearing right for all wp.com blogs aggregated there and on other planets too. The post title was replaced by the blog name part before .wordpress.com. In my case, all posts titles were “bapoumba”.

    Adding: feed/?mrss=off at the end of the url did the trick, but I did not investigate further. This was a recommendation from wp.com support to one of the bloggers aggregated there.

    Thanks :)

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