Common bugs in gutsy with workarounds

With Frodon, we’ve been working on collecting, and linking all in one handy place, a series of common gutsy bugs with Launchpad entries and fixes. Please check the UF thread I’ll be also updating here. Hope you’ll find this info helpful :)

We’ve been searching the forums for these, please feel free to point us at other threads with bug reports and fixes, thanks.

7 thoughts on “Common bugs in gutsy with workarounds

  1. patrick_g

    There is a very painful bug in Gutsy for me.
    In fact it’s so painful that i use another laptop with Feisty instead of my shiny new laptop with Gutsy.
    There is a general freeze of the computer and i must hard reboot the laptop (i cannot use the computer more than a few minutes). Yet i use a Intel card with the free driver so it’s not a problem of proprietary driver.

    Thread on the problem on (in french) :

  2. pt

    The USB key plugin bug is ridiculous, who does the QA before releasing the distro.

    Few more bugs :

    The emblems are too small there is a work around but it only works on themes with scalable icons.

    The Nautilus search can’t search within the folder you are browsing. This bug has been confirmed.

    The work around is to install a tool called nautilus search

    DEB file

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