Priorities for APT repositories (debian-based distributions)

I knew I could pin a package version, setting up an /etc/apt/preferences file, please see
newtonfn on the ubuntuforums elegantly worked this resource out to set up a priority to repositories as well.
In this particular example, the medibuntu repos are set to have a lower priority, so that any package present in two repos from the /etc/apt/sources.list (here, medibuntu and skype) gets installed and upgraded preferably from the other repo (the skype one in the example):

Package: * 
Pin: release l=Medibuntu
Pin-Priority: 400

A package present only in the medibuntu repo will be installed/upgraded from medibuntu. As I said, very elegant!


6 thoughts on “Priorities for APT repositories (debian-based distributions)

  1. BrokenCrystal

    How did you get that code displayed like that? I would like to do that on my Ubuntu page… (The numbered lines with the menu above the code)


  2. Simon

    I’ve been trying to use this method, but I’m somewhat disconcerted by the fact that the output of apt-cache policy does not reflect contents /etc/apt/preferences …

    Does this actually work?

  3. bapoumba Post author

    It did work when I wrote the post, I used it. It was a while ago, and I switched computers and upgraded since then. I have not used it recently, I’ll check, thanks.

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