Gmail now offers IMAP

The following page is tagged “updated 10/23/2007”:

Look in your Gmail account Settings page, you should see a “forwarding POP/IMAP” menu.
Unfortunately, this feature is not available, yet, for my own account. Still sticking to POP :(


Edit: Woopsies, Aaron had it :D
/me should check more carefully..


3 thoughts on “Gmail now offers IMAP

  1. bapoumba Post author

    Aye, working now, please check again :)
    Edit: Ahem, IMAP with 19700+ mails is not that great *_*
    Evolution did not crash but it takes _ages_ to sync. Reconsidering POP..

  2. Grenshad

    Thanks for the news =) usefull to me (my gmail account was borndead since pop is just unusable in real-life /o\).
    Maybe should i reconsider advise people about gmail account now.
    @Stemp : maybe you’ll have to set your gmail account to English to have this option, that’s do it for me.

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