If, like it just happened to me tonight, your ISP DNS collapse, you can use openDNS. Just manually change the DNS in /etc/resolv.conf


Many thanks Stemp for the tip :)

Edit: ne t’inquiètes pas Stemp, je sais que tu as toujours raison :-þ


4 thoughts on “OpenDNS

  1. bapoumba Post author

    Sure, but this is a laptop, and my univ has its own DNS servers. For a desktop that does not get connected to very different access points, I agree :)

  2. Charon

    I am using the OpenDNS DNS-Server for a while now and had very good result with it (it does auto correction for a lot of common typing mistakes for example).

    If you use a router I can really recommend using this DNS-Server in your routers configuration so every computer on your local network benefits from it!

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