Icon labels styles on the Xfce desktop.

The icon labels, with my Xfce default theme, were plain white, no transparency, not so nice.
This can be changed in the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file. Here is mine:

style "xfdesktop-icon-view" {
    XfdesktopIconView::label-alpha = 30
    font_name="Sans Bold"

    base[NORMAL] = "#aaccee"
    base[SELECTED] = "#aaccee"
    base[ACTIVE] = "#aaccee"

    fg[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
    fg[SELECTED] = "#98fc66"
    fg[ACTIVE] = "#d40000"
widget_class "*XfdesktopIconView*" style "xfdesktop-icon-view"

You can control the transparency with XfdesktopIconView::label-alpha = x (x = 0 will set a fully transparent label) and play with the font style and color.



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