One year translating UWN in French.

I have so many things undergoing at the same time that I missed blogging about it. Fortunately, this is a team’s work and Lionel has taken care of it. So here it is:
Joyeux Anniversaire LHU (Happy Birthday LHU) and the French translation.

We should really be able to reorganize the LHU page on ubuntu-fr. The archives need to have their own page, with a link in the current LHU (the archive list is really getting big), the undividable characters (like the space), mandatory in French, should work, may be add a table of content like in UWN, etc.
Within the LHU team, we all agree about these points. When will Michel (or any LHU contributor with the appropriate background) have access to the site?


2 thoughts on “One year translating UWN in French.

  1. bapoumba Post author

    I feel kind of bad not to have enough time for all the other translation projects (ie GNOME and LP). Days only have 24 hours…
    It’s a fun team to be in, lots of laughs and “apéros virtuels”. Who ate all the Springles BTW? :D

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