Broadcom 43xx based wireless cards on Ubuntu.

No no, I did not write the tutorial, DarkN00b did . I do not even own one of these wireless cards.
But this is a very popular tutorial on UF, and many users post they have looked a long time before finding it. So I’m going to link it over here.

HOWTO: Broadcom 43xx based wireless cards the EASY way.
Please read the disclaimers in the first post, and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Broadcom 43xx based wireless cards on Ubuntu.

  1. K.Mandla

    I wish that had been written a year ago, when I bet my brother I could get his 4318 online. I did get it working, but it took a long time.

    Nice new blog, by the way! ;)

  2. Darkn00b

    Thanks for the link Bapoumba. Don’t forget about bmartin — he wrote the the installer script.

    Also check out the entries for the Zyxel ZyAir B-220 USB WiFi stick and the Linksys WPC 11 (Ver.4) PCMCIA card with RTL8180L chipset over at the Ubuntu Wireless Cards Support page ( ). I have provided a link to the ZyXel driver in .deb format, and the Linksys card worked “out of the box” on Gutsy’s latest kernel.

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