Two interesting readings related to Women in FOSS

So, watcha think?


2 thoughts on “Two interesting readings related to Women in FOSS

  1. James

    Hi Isabelle,

    Thanks for the links.

    The second one absolutely astounded me. Not so much for the post
    itself, but for the comment thread. Firstly its length is staggering,
    showing once again the strong feelings these subjects incite. However it wasn’t the usual long thread with many people arguing with those who don’t get it (though there was some of that of
    course). It did however have woman after woman opening up and
    explaining the wariness and fear that they experience to varying
    degrees when around men. I hadn’t appreciated the extent of these
    feelings, and so it certainly made me think, and affected me for
    days. There are clearly many problems that we must solve, and
    this gave me renewed vigour in trying to first lessen my own
    impact on the situation, and secondly to go on and convince others.

    So again, thankyou for the link. May I offer you as partial thanks
    the following link:

    that post doesn’t say too much that hasn’t been said on the subject,
    though it was the first time I had seen that presentation, which you
    must see if you haven’t already. The author is very interesting, and
    they are doing some great work trying to expand the use of Free
    Software in a sector that could really benefit. More than that though
    she is incredibly funny, and so the blog is well worth reading if
    only for that reason.



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