The Automatix tool on Ubuntu: Christer Edwards has a very constructive approach :)

So there was quite some emotion when I was on vacations. Matthew Garrett has published a detailed review of the Automatix tool issues on behalf of the Technical Board. I’m not going to comment all the issues with Automatix, how Feisty has made easy for the beginner to install codecs and other packages not directly shipped with Ubuntu (for legal reasons), or all the fuss that usually surrounds all Automatix discussions, with pros and cons camping firmly on their own grounds.
No. I’d rather focus on Christer’s very constructive initiative. He’s decided to post all the community supported alternatives to Automatix. Clever :)

His blog is aggregated on Planet Ubuntu, so there are already lots of readers. Why blog about this then? For two reasons:

  • I’ll edit this blog post so all the alternatives are linked on the same place, and I’ll easily find them if I need to recommend one or the other when helping on UF (I’m sooooo selfish)
  • If it looks interesting to the French community, I can ask Christer if he does mind I post a translation in the French sections of my blog

Here it goes:

Thanks a lot, Christer!


EDIT2: French version here


1 thought on “The Automatix tool on Ubuntu: Christer Edwards has a very constructive approach :)

  1. douglas

    Please – no more ‘sudo’. Why is Automatix popular – it’s a click and it’s done. You want to counter it’s popularity? Then show a better alternative – ‘sudo’ is not it.

    Appart from legalities, as Ubuntu accepts all the Flash, Java etc. as a go, why can’t it just do an Automatix itself – a smorgasbord of obvious needs for any user. Strange that it does not.

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