Do you have a laptop?

If so, the gnome-power-manager programming team and jasonspiro need your feedback:

Do you ever carry your laptop around with the lid open?:

A “don’t suspend laptop for. X min on close” option. Good idea? Bad?:

I think it is an extremely interesting and unusual request from a dev, please contribute. The very large ubuntuforums community should consider this as an opportunity to fill the gap between devs and users.

(note: he’s provided me with this link in one of the emails we exchanged).


One thought on “Do you have a laptop?

  1. Razvan

    Yes, I do carry my laptop with the lid open to avoid entering suspend/hiberate mode. This happens mostly during meetings when I need to preset something or when we have to move to another meeting room.

    Do not suspend fro X-minutes after lid close would be useful.

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