Questions regarding Canonical communication about _our_ community.

It’s a little disturbing the way Canonical advertised the community support related to Dell computers:

Support Offerings
A variety of on-line and professional support offerings are available for Ubuntu 7.04, from community forums through to professional support support services provided by Canonical.

No link to any community forum, regardless of language. Don’t we have an _official_ forum?

On-line help forum
Ubuntu has an extensive and vibrant community who work through on-line forums to provide guidance and help for beginners and experts alike. For details, visit the help forum.

Ah, there is a link here. To Dell support forum.

Where is the extensive and vibrant Ubuntu community located at? Or are we just numbers traded off?

Who is in charge of this page? Who to talk to about it?

Edit: Vorian yeah \o/


5 thoughts on “Questions regarding Canonical communication about _our_ community.

  1. SD-Plissken

    +1 They need to fix it, and address the concerns around it being this way…

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