Social Forum: a new place to hang out and relax

ubuntuforums is extremely successful and contribute to the overall success of Ubuntu. Basic users, who have adopted and made Ubuntu so popular, do not come to IRC or do not use mailing lists as much as they use forums. To be helped on a forum, you basically need a web browser. No special application to install, no registration to some unusual mailing list. Just a web browser. Everyone knows how to use a web browser.

Ubuntu users like to hang out and chat about anything. Sometimes discussions get heated, so ubuntuforums diversified the chat areas and established a clear Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct as time went by. We have a Community Cafe and a Backyard (you need to register to UF and accept the Backyard policy to access it). The Backyard requires heavy staff presence and constant steering.

It is clear that such a relaxed area is needed, but on a huge Linux support forum, it can be a pain to oversee and take care of at times.

ubuntu-geek has started a new forum, Social Discussion to fill up that gap. You’ll find the usual UF staff crew over there, we all get along pretty well, we are like family. Looking forward to meeting you there.


2 thoughts on “Social Forum: a new place to hang out and relax

  1. Bob

    OMG, i’ve just look the title of the last post of each subsection: i think this forum gonna die under heavy trolling activity!

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