Women representations in Ubuntu: yes, we can do it.

I blogged yesterday about a questionable women representation that got into Planet Ubuntu-fr.

I did not feed it into Planet Ubuntu-Women, or in Planet Ubuntu-Users. I also closed the comments, I already got into this kind of discussion (this fun, this is art, this is a (copyrighted) drawing, you have no humor, watch TV…) and heard it all.

As I stated, you can write, post, draw whatever you want in your private place, your home, your car, your blog, your site, your body, whatever you want. But a Ubuntu Planet, Forum, Mailing list, Wiki etc. is an official place, tied up by rules, representing the whole community. Women are no objects, neither are men, and Ubuntu spreads human values. This is one of the reasons that got me into it.

So I vented privately on my blog, and emailed Jono Bacon and Ubuntu Women mailing-list. Thanks to you, Matthias, probably thanks to you Jono, and Liz, and the ones in Sevilla who got the blog article removed from Planet ubuntu-fr.

It’s still on the original blog, which is fine with me.

Doing this alone does not work. I know it. Thanks community.

Looking forward to an official editorial policy :)


5 thoughts on “Women representations in Ubuntu: yes, we can do it.

  1. hugues

    Isabelle, as a small member of the french ubuntu planet, it’s quite annoying to see you just forget basics of good internet relationship…

  2. bapoumba

    As I’ve stated it, I have previously dealt with such a situation within the french community itself, when I was part of it. I have pushed myself forward and done it. I have been exposed and bashed in pretty hard. This was some time ago. I’ll (never) do it anymore. It still hurts. And I do not feel welcome there. It’s sad, so sad.

    All this time I have been thinking : and if I were wrong, old, close minded ? I moved to the english speaking community and contribute there. Waaay different.

    I mailed Jono as Community Manager, and ubuntu-women mailing list for them to look at it, as we (Jono and us, u-w) are currently working on the women representation within the Ubuntu Community.

    I was _afraid_ and _scared_ to go once again to the battle fields. I hesitated _a lot_ before writing a blog post, emails, and for sure did not want to do it alone this time around.

    The CoC was one reason for my joining Ubuntu when it first started (warty times). Still is for my continuing contributing.

    Hugues, all in all, this is just driving me away. No big deal. And I won’t do it again, be sure of that. You boys are safe.

  3. hugues

    Fine. I understand that you have been hurt before.

    This doesn’t allow you to consider (oh, yes, sorry, you’re still free to consider) that everybody writing on the french planet are evils males…

    This is sad.

  4. bapoumba

    I’m not. I’m subscribed to the blogs I was used to read via Planet u-fr. Lots of good stuff. Some dear friends too. (subscribed to yours BTW).

    I’d rather focus on them. Unfortunately, this means looking elsewhere, and pretend nothing happens. Which is very wrong, I know.

    Oh well, *sigh*.

  5. Jejem

    (bapoumba) > I was _afraid_ and _scared_ to go once again to the battle fields.

    Why ? women are “so much better” in …_social things_… over the net (IRL too, for sure.) than men… i’ve never seen an woman act like some guys … you know … with a “women are so bad and so useless” mind… i really hate that kind of guys, don’t let them hurt you, they’re worms in front of you.

    (hugues) > Fine. I understand that you have been hurt before.

    Understandin’ that is the “so easy” way, things must never happen’ again, that’s the “real” way.

    I don’t have enough english skills to talk about that like i’m able to, in french, i’m sorry… but it’s horrible. Things must change.

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