Great, just great. Some questionable women stuff on planet ubuntu-fr

So its labeled “No-comment“. Sure thing, I wont comment!

Not on the blog itself, though. Because I’m sick of this, because I’ve already commented and moderated such women representations within the French Ubuntu community, and the price was high, very high.

So you are free to put whatever you want on your desktop, on your blog, on your site, on your door, window, mail box, car, tee shirt, tatoo whatever you want, wherever you want, but this blog article is syndicated on Planet ubuntu-fr.

Not only this is a Marvel copyrighted material, originally from some obscure flickr-whatever you call it, but its now on a Ubuntu related (official?) Planet.

Planet Ubuntu-fr goes out of my liferea rss feed reader. I’ll subscribe to the blogs I usually read individually.

So very well, comments are closed. I’ve heard it all already, thanks. And I’m not publishing this on the section that is relayed on Planet Ubuntu-Women and Planet Ubuntu-Users and I wont translate it in French either.