Tagada, “La Vie en Rose” according to xbright

Beware, this is about Ubuntu, this is serious, but here, English speakers might miss the whole meaning. I’ll try to explain.

It all started in the small ubuntu@chat.jabberfr.org room, when xbright showed us a thread on ubuntu-fr forum. The question was completely unreadable, non-understandable, and xbright answered with “Tagada tsoin tsoin” which does not mean anything, which is sort of a sentence you say to end up something in a funny way.
In addition, Fraise Tagada are very famous candies here in France, it’s part of the culture (love them, BTW).

So we were kidding about this, and xbright spent the whole night putting that to bash!
He came up with a Tagada script that replace all the sudo, aptitude, install, remove and such with very funny aliases, all from SMS and kids language:

commands list:
plop : updates package list
pouet : (old fashion horn sound) downloads and upgrades
gropouet : (big pouet) downloads and dist-upgrades
padechichi : (no fuss) updates package list then downloads
and installs updates

osekour : (au secours = help) help and command list
kiélkon : (who is the idiot, but in a more offensive
way ;-)) copyright infos
pabo : (pas beau = not beautiful) removes a package
trépabo : (very not beautiful) purges a package

konépa : (connais pas = dunnot know) looks for a
package in the list - search
kicésa : (qui c'est ça = who is this) gives info on
a package - show
kékive : (qu'est-ce qu'il veut = what does it want)
gives a package dependence list - depends

tsouin tsouin : installs a package

Follow the script updates on xbright’s blog, as more is coming (install several packages for ex, as tsoin tsoin only installs one package) and the brainstorming in u-fr thread or in ubuntu@chat.jabberfr.org (all in French, sorry, the jabber room gets most of its traffic during the evening hours in France).

We’ve also spoken about getting funny insults from sudo when you mistype your password (there is already an option in the sudoers file for that, but all in english) and about an English localisation. We need some input to get this translated.

Thanks xbright, that is a lot of fun!


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  1. emixam

    Wow oO amazing, you rocks bap’ !! I wish I spoke english as good as you :) Great Job ^^ and may the Fraise Tagada powa will be in you ! :P

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