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I voted xubuntu, as I currently am on a old, used, laptop. Mine is still with Acer for repairs, it’s been more than 3 weeks now /o\


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  1. K.Mandla

    I voted other, since I rarely install an entire suite.

    Your laptop isn’t back yet??! You have more patience than I. I would’ve scrapped it and bought a new one by now.

    What’s the old, used one? Is it terribly old? I love old laptops. :D

  2. bapoumba

    Thats a whole story!
    So my Acer went to another place as the CPU had failed some tests.

    My kids desktop DD died on me the day we were having the first IRC meeting with Jono in #u-w. I got a used 10Go DD, and got it set up with feisty to log in 30 secs before the meeting begun.

    This spare parts store was receiving used laptop the next day. I got a Fujistu Lifebook C1010 14″, a pro release, with 512Mo ram, a savage graphics card (composite works out of the box) and 20Go DD. PCMCIA slot for my wifi card, ethernet, battery, no scratch on the screen, everything works. No windows licence.

    GNOME runs fine, xfce is a rocket ;)

  3. Bob

    What kind of browser and mail client do you run on XFCE? I try to find lightweight ones without success.

  4. bapoumba

    @ Bob: I use epiphany and evolution, as I had previously installed GNOME. XFCE came with Firefox and Thunderbird, which I do not use. May be try console apps?

  5. Bob

    Well I’ve tried to find app that don’t use libgnome in order to reduce memory consumption (128 mo only). I’ll take a look at links and mutt but i’m not a big fan of command line.

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