More little tips and tricks

Updating a previous blog entry:

  • To keep the terminal available even after launching an application, append the command with &. Ex: nautilus &
  • To launch an application from a terminal and keep the application running even upon closing the terminal, add nohup before the command. Can be used with the previous tip. Ex: nohup nautilus &
  • which returns the pathnames of the files which would be executed in the current environment (from man which). Meaning if you have installed a package and you do not know how to start it, which will return the full path and name of the executable file
  • sudo ln -s /home/your_login/.themes /root/.themes
    sudo ln -s /home/your_login/.icons /root/.icons
    sudo ln -s /home/your_login/.fonts /root/.fonts

    will have root applications use your user theme, icons and fonts (replace your_login with your user login)


4 thoughts on “More little tips and tricks

  1. Carl van Tonder

    Your first two tips are the wrong way ’round, I think.

    command &
    is the equivalent of Ctrl+Z then bg during a program; it runs it as a background job. If you close the terminal, the program dies too.

    nohup command
    prevents command from being treated as a sub-process of the shell running it. Hence you can open gnome-terminal, run `nohup gedit`, close the terminal, and gedit will still be running.

  2. Carl van Tonder

    No problem. The tip about root themes was certainly handy. And `which` was the one tool I probably wasn’t using enough (though you may want to mention whatis, because it’s also pretty handy.

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