My laptop is gone back to Acer

It’s been overheating for quite a while, and did fail on Feisty install. Feisty Server install could go through (90 and 95°C at the end of the install), so it’s booting, and the tech from Acer can run their tests from Windows. I’m not linking to Acer main web page, it has an “Enjoy Vista” add on it.

Good to know, they do not mind there is a Linux OS on it. I kept Windows XP just because I thought it might void the warranty ( Nice, I’ll wipe the whole DD when it comes back.

They have no spare laptop to give me in the meantime, so I apologize to all my friends I’m working with (ubuntuforums staff, UWN, LHU (UWM French translation team), Ubuntu-Women), I’ll be on an off untill it comes back.

PS: and no, Michel, I won’t be watching TV ;)


2 thoughts on “My laptop is gone back to Acer

  1. K.Mandla

    I was thinking about this, and I’m having some power problems too. My Inspiron 8000 tends to shut down spontaneously
    now, which it didn’t seem to do with Edgy … of course, I’m running the full Gnome setup now, which I didn’t do with
    Edgy, so the higher system load might be a factor. I’ll try going back to Openbox later and seeing if it is still a

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