Will we ever see the end of this?

A short blog entry, as this has already been posted on planet ubuntu-women:

Kathy Sierra thinks about not blogging anymore due to violent death threats comments on her blog and on other web sites. She even canceled conferences she was due to give.
When the worst aspects of real life enters the blogosphere.

This post is for her, and for all the ones thinking that being a woman makes no difference when you are on the internet. As long as this will happen, (Linux-distribution)-women and LinucChix groups will be relevant (links on your right).

Another example from today on ubuntu-women mailing list, but as I write the archives stop on march 25th. You may have it later on (thread title: some will never learn):

Companion post in French


One thought on “Will we ever see the end of this?

  1. gouki

    Honestly, I don’t understand why people do this kind of stuff. I feel sorry for Kathy and other victims of these threats.

    I admire the few women with courage to hold on to what they like. Hats off to all of you…

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