Two more handy WordPress plugins

I would get lots of spam comments. Akismet plugin is catching nearly all of them (just 2 out of currently 814 spam comments got through to the moderation queue) and I had set up all comments to go to moderation before they got posted.
I think it’s quite annoying for people who want to leave a comment to have their post go to moderation, but I highly dislike seeing spam on other blog’s comments when I’m subscribed to them. Not to talk about my blog.

In addition, I had not allowed Pings and Trackbacks, because lot of spam can come this way.

Then I read Christer Edwards blog post on Planet Ubuntu and installed the two following plugins:

I will see how it goes, but this weekend, after setting up the captcha, not a single spam!


2 thoughts on “Two more handy WordPress plugins

  1. Christer Edwards

    Glad it could help. I really don’t get any spam getting through to my sites and I use the three I suggested on the post you read.

    …if only we could rid the world of spam…

  2. bapoumba

    Hi Christer :)
    I have not installed Spam Karma 2 yet, it’s on my ToDo list.
    Don’t these spammers have any fun in their life ?

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