One of these discussions: meaning of /etc

So how do you define /etc ? Slashdot has got an ongoing discussion about it. Does it means “et caetera” or “extended tool chest” ?
While also discussing how to pronounce it (I just love reading these discusions ;-D), I found that post:

emacs - Escape Meta Alt Control Shift.
gdb - Get Down Baby.
gcc - Give Communism (a) Chance.
linux - Linus Is Not Usually Xeroflulogitic.
lisp - Lisp Is (for) Symbolic Programming.
java - Just Another Variant (of) Ada.
perl - Perl Essentially Resembles Lisp.
printf - People Rarely Insist (on) Naming This Function.
sed - Slashdot (is) Easily Duped.
top - Totally Ongoing Programs.
vi - Very Irritating.

Made my day!