Proprietary drivers in Ubuntu – an update
I’m linking this in here, because I’ve read it all …

  • some proprietary drivers will continue to be shipped with Ubuntu (wifi)
  • 3D video drivers will not be included in Feisty, mainly because of instability concerns
  • most likely they will be included in Feisty +1
  • Nouveau and other free desktop software will actively be supported and, quoting ” Proprietary drivers are not the preferred solution and will be eliminated once the community delivers a free alternative”
  • in addition, Ubuntu will also be released in a version with no proprietary drivers or firmwares, collaborating with gNewSense
  • I have to say I do not have strong feelings either way. I do understand both sides rationales, including that shipping proprietary drivers delays or even inhibits development of free drivers. But remember that Ubuntu’s success story is heavily due to very-end desktop users, not dipped from birth into compiling kernels, and that they make the bulk of the community.