Women in FOSS: spotlight on Sulamita Garcia

Linux.com has released a portrait of Sulamita Garcia, one of LinuxChix Brazil leaders. The article has also been linked to newsforge.

Selected quotes :

  • “There is a very simple and effective way to interest more women: just show them another women participating. I always had the impression that the percentage of women in a conference is related to the number of the women talking in a conference.”
  • “Women already involved just want to go to a place where they can be treated normal.”
  • “They [women] just tend to be a lot less vocal than men. Like … my talk in the Linuxchix miniconf at LCA, there were three times more women than men, but they [men] asked almost all the questions.”
  • “And now I know any new women willing to help, they will feel welcome because in the main [LinuxChix] page it says ‘we need and want you!’.”

Today’s Ubuntu-Women IRC meeting addressed (one more time) the question about how to get more women involved in the Ubuntu community (2.4% according to a last june survey). One of the ideas was to redesign the ubuntu-women main page ;)