seahorse and evolution: create gpg keys and sign mails

I have been using gpg in CLI (see man gpg) to generate a gpg key and sign up the Ubuntu Code of Conduct quite some time ago.
Michel suggested I have a look at seahorse, a simple and straightforward GUI to manage gpg keys.


  • set up Ubuntu keyserver ( to publish your public key and retrieve your firend’s keys
  • get your friends public keys by searching with their name or nick in “find remote keys”
  • seahorse-daemon should be in your session Startup Programs to avoid errors in evolution



Just to note: managing remote keys, or searching and publishing won’t work with a ticklish network proxy, these ports are far too exotic.


Signing mail is easy using evolution:
> Edit > Preferences > Edit your account > Security > enter your gpg ID key.
Then, when composing a new mail, select > Security, and GPG Sign the outgoing mail.
If you got your friend’s (or contacts) keys, their signature will appear as “valid” ;)