Medibuntu, new repositories for proprietary packages [en]

First annouced by racoon97, Medibuntu just opened, after plf stopped maintaining Ubuntu repositories. Repos include breezy, dapper and edgy packages.

To get the gpg authentication key and add it in your trusted keys :

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Edit sources.list file and choose the repository depending on your Ubuntu release :

sudo nano -B /etc/apt/sources.list

-B will backup the original file suffixed with a ~. CTRL + o to save the file, CTRL + x to quit.

For breezy :

## Medibuntu - Ubuntu 5.10 "breezy badger"
## Please report any bug on
deb breezy free non-free
deb-src breezy free non-free

For dapper :

## Medibuntu - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS "dapper drake"
## Please report any bug on
deb dapper free non-free
deb-src dapper free non-free

For edgy :

## Medibuntu - Ubuntu 6.10 "edgy eft"
## Please report any bug on
deb edgy free non-free
deb-src edgy free non-free

sudo aptitude update or sudo apt-get update

All set :)