Great, just great. Some questionable women stuff on planet ubuntu-fr

So its labeled “No-comment“. Sure thing, I wont comment!

Not on the blog itself, though. Because I’m sick of this, because I’ve already commented and moderated such women representations within the French Ubuntu community, and the price was high, very high.

So you are free to put whatever you want on your desktop, on your blog, on your site, on your door, window, mail box, car, tee shirt, tatoo whatever you want, wherever you want, but this blog article is syndicated on Planet ubuntu-fr.

Not only this is a Marvel copyrighted material, originally from some obscure flickr-whatever you call it, but its now on a Ubuntu related (official?) Planet.

Planet Ubuntu-fr goes out of my liferea rss feed reader. I’ll subscribe to the blogs I usually read individually.

So very well, comments are closed. I’ve heard it all already, thanks. And I’m not publishing this on the section that is relayed on Planet Ubuntu-Women and Planet Ubuntu-Users and I wont translate it in French either.

Meeting with Jono Bacon in #ubuntu-women

A little reminder, we will have a meeting on Thursday 19th April, 2007, at 4pm (16:00) UTC in #ubuntu-women IRC channel on This special meeting with Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager for Canonical, is to discuss women’s issues in Ubuntu community.
Everyone welcome (men included, so no fuss ;)).

edit: Jono’s blog entry.

More on Kathy Sierra’s story

When smart people get to talk, meet, in the middle of the battle field. All for the best, hopefully:
Their common concern can be shrunk down to a agreement on not contributing to limiting free and open exchange:

Quoting Kathy:

That said, Chris and I are in complete agreement that it would be tragic if this
incident were used as a weapon by those who would limit free and open exchange.

Quoting Chris:

Crucial as is the current debate about hate speech directed at women, it would be
tragic if this incident were used as a weapon by those who would limit free and
open exchange.

May Kathy find here my (little) support and understanding of her fears, and admiration for what she mannaged to do.

I got the link to this story (the first one) from a mail Matt Good posted an hour ago on Ubuntu-Women mailing list.

Will we ever see the end of this?

A short blog entry, as this has already been posted on planet ubuntu-women:

Kathy Sierra thinks about not blogging anymore due to violent death threats comments on her blog and on other web sites. She even canceled conferences she was due to give.
When the worst aspects of real life enters the blogosphere.

This post is for her, and for all the ones thinking that being a woman makes no difference when you are on the internet. As long as this will happen, (Linux-distribution)-women and LinucChix groups will be relevant (links on your right).

Another example from today on ubuntu-women mailing list, but as I write the archives stop on march 25th. You may have it later on (thread title: some will never learn):

Companion post in French

Hi, I’m Linux ;-D

Well, once again thanks to my friend Stemp, I came across this great add Novel people have made up during BrainShare Conference this week.
You can have it directly in .mpg or .ogg and read more on Ted Haeger blog post.


All in all, it’s a balance that we hope to have struck right: representing Linux
as sexy and confident, while avoiding sexual cliches that are degrading to women.

Some more videos to come :)

edit: second video is out, .mpg and .ogg
“I’ll probably wear this for the next 6 or 7 years :D”

edit n°2: third video .mpg and .ogg
“I could not help myself” ;-D

Very neatly done!

GNOME Bug Day Training, March 20th, 2007

From the Ubuntu-Women mailing list:

Selected quotes from Susana:

The GNOME Bugsquad will have a Bug Day from Wednesday, March 21,
16:00 UTC to March 22, 05:00 UTC in #bugs on

You don't need to be a developer. You don't need to know anything about
programming. Everyone is welcome!
 In order to encourage more ubuntu-women to get involved in the upcoming
GNOME Bug Day, ubuntu-women is hosting a little session on how to start
triaging for GNOME in #ubuntu-women on March 20th starting at 21:00

Everyone welcome to join!

GNOME BugSquad
GNOME BugSquad TriageGuide

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2007.

From Ubuntu-Women mailing list:

In conjunction with International Women's Day on March 8, the Ubuntu-Women's Project is
conducting a membership drive!  During this week we want to encourage as many women as
possible to sign the Code of Conduct and become Ubunteros.

Who:  Anyone interested in helping to promote greater involvement by women in the
Ubuntu community
When:  The week of March 5 through 11.
How: Join the mailing list, check out the forums, read the website,
sign the Code of Conduct

During March 8th, there will be an IRC meeting (#ubuntu-women on to answer your questions.

UW wiki page
Ubuntuforms thread

Women in FOSS: spotlight on Sulamita Garcia has released a portrait of Sulamita Garcia, one of LinuxChix Brazil leaders. The article has also been linked to newsforge.

Selected quotes :

  • “There is a very simple and effective way to interest more women: just show them another women participating. I always had the impression that the percentage of women in a conference is related to the number of the women talking in a conference.”
  • “Women already involved just want to go to a place where they can be treated normal.”
  • “They [women] just tend to be a lot less vocal than men. Like … my talk in the Linuxchix miniconf at LCA, there were three times more women than men, but they [men] asked almost all the questions.”
  • “And now I know any new women willing to help, they will feel welcome because in the main [LinuxChix] page it says ‘we need and want you!’.”

Today’s Ubuntu-Women IRC meeting addressed (one more time) the question about how to get more women involved in the Ubuntu community (2.4% according to a last june survey). One of the ideas was to redesign the ubuntu-women main page ;)

Women in Open Source Mini-Conf at SCALE 5x

Southern California Linux Exposition hosted today a Women in Open Source Mini-Conf.
Jem Matzan reported the day being a “life-changing experience for all who attended”.
Read his summary here:

  • numbers are given (about 20% women in IT, far less in Free Software, ie 1.5 %)
  • reasons for these low numbers are discussed
  • links to women in FOSS sites are provided

To be noted, and that’s not the first time I read this, women speakers emphasized FOSS as based on meritocracy with no real glass ceiling for women, as can be found in other technological areas.

edit : sorry I did not thank Stemp for spotting that particular link.