No sound in stock xchat 2.8.4

I rarely go log into IRC channels, and had not done it after I got this laptop last summer. When I do (there will be an unbutuforums meeting I can attend in a few minutes), I use xchat. I know there is a whole set of IRC clients, but this is the first one I used, and it fits my very basic needs.

Surprisingly, there was no sound on this default fresh install (Ubuntu Hardy). I created a ~/.xchat2/sounds file which was missing and copied a .wav file from /usr/share/sounds, then enabled it from xchat preferences menu. All set!

Looking around, I found a xchat-gnome package that I will try soon.

In reply to “The Ubuntu Ethos’ by Jono Bacon

A few days ago, Jono came up with his thoughts on the Ubuntu community and the reasons why Ubuntu is important to him. And asked why it was for us.

Here, it was a very simple move, and I never looked back. I tested Ubuntu when it first came out because it was debian based, with a CoC and install process clearly making it user friendly. Not being computer savvy, Warty just looked it was made for me. Really. The ubuntu devs had me in mind when they worked on that distro. Woaw. As soon as I could, I contributed back helping people around the forums (first the French forum, then ubuntuforums) and translations. That’s it :)

RSS Feeds for Ubuntuforums

We used to have a custom dedicated page collecting the RSS links to sub-forums.
This page vanished with the last big forums software upgrade. You can directly subscribe if you use Firefox, but not all of us do.

A dedicated page may come back one day, but all custom work is a pain when upgrading. So, in the meantime, you can use this url for individual sub-forums (the forumids is ABT’s, you find it in the url of each sub-forum)

And this one for the whole gear:


Gmail labs

With the new Gmail themes coming in, I got to visit my Gmail settings page, which I had not looked at in a long time. I then found an additional feature, the Gmail labs. I’m not sure for how long this has been running, maybe I am so very late about it :) In any case, I found one that I have a use for: “Mark as read” button. Saves me one click :evil:




Once you are using a lab feature, a little green icon appears in the navigation bar:




Gmail answers about labs

Ubuntu Hardy heron on a Sony Vaio VGN-C2S_L

I bought this laptop about a month ago. The series was reaching the end of life, new models coming in, I got it for a very low price. My previous laptop was dying and I was looking for a smaller machine (this one is 13″3). Searching the internets did not show issues with Ubuntu, intel video, wireless and sound cards, so I spent the money.

  • Only after starting the hardy Live CD did I stumble upon this bug. No boot at all, with this message:
    ACPI: EC: acpi_ec_wait timeout, status=0, expect_event=1
    ACPI: EC: read timeout, command=128

    The workaround is to boot the laptop on battery or disable the “quiet” argument to the kernel. The power cord can be plugged in after login into the session.

  • CPU: Intel Core2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz
  • Video: Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller, working out of the box, compiz enabled
  • Network: Marvel 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller + Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection, working out of the box
  • sound: Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller, working out of the box
  • Not tested: Bluetooth, 5-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO/xD)
  • No proprietary driver required
  • Moving this laptop from one location to the other, with very different networks, is finally easy

Except the boot bug, which can be a stopper to many users, 2.6.24-19-generic runs fine.
All in all, I’m happy :)

Edit: the boot bug is now solved in Ubuntu Hardy.

Ubuntu Hardy and networking on a laptop from several locations

This was a very nice surprise.
I bring my laptops back and forth from home to work. My home internet access is with a DSL router, using DHCP, no proxy, both wired and wireless. At work, my university use static IPs, an automatic proxy, their DNS, wired connexion etc.. Since I’ve been using Linux, I have worked with conf files (/etc/network/interface, /etc/resolv.conf, /apt/apt.conf etc.) twice a day, at work and back. That was much of a pain.. network-manager was not able to handle this easily, or not even at all.

I tried the other day, just to see how network-manager (Version: 0.6.6-0ubuntu5) was doing after a fresh Hardy install on a new computer (I’m using GNOME on this one). All my issues are solved!

  • I saved locations in the manual configuration for network-manager, and can switch easily between the two:

    Just click the green arrow after choosing a location, and go!

  • The wireless is set to roaming, and I can pick up my box without any problems:
  • The general GNOME proxy setting menu is enough for everything (Firefox, Epiphany, aptitude etc.):

Many thanks to all the devs and individuals who made this happen :)

New words.

I heard about this podcast from the French Public Radio (France-Inter) on several mailing lists I’m subscribed to.

“Le Téléphone Sonne” is a daily program where users can give input and ask questions by telephone or email. Yesterday’s broadcast was about Open Source, and Richard M. Stallman was invited. He speaks a very good French, I already new that, and he used a word he made up some time ago. I thought it was a lovely translation mistake, but I realized may be not, just listening to the podcast [in French] a few minutes ago.

He is used to use “Logiciels Privateurs” instead of “Logiciels Privés” or “Logiciels Propriétaires” for Closed-Source or Proprietary Software. “Privateur” means the one who/which deprives or takes away. Quite a good word, really. “Privateur” is not commonly used in French, although a correct word. Looking around, I found that APRIL, a French association advocating free software, also recommends this translation. Quite interesting.

Another new word from RMS I heard in the podcast was “Esclavitude” which is an incorrect version of “Esclavage”, meaning “Slavery”. Here is a little joke for the ones who have been following the French Presidential Campaign last year, and some accidental use of improper words during interviews or meetings with the candidates: I dearly hope our politicians were not listening ^^


Blog post in French

Switching languages in Ubuntu Hardy

That was quite a surprise, my usual install procedure did not go smoothly as far as languages. When I did a fresh install, I selected the French language by mistake. I prefer to run my system in English, but meh, no problem, I can change it after.. Well, not so easily.

There was an option when I chose English from the Language Support menu to update all my folder names. Which I said OK to. The folder names were properly updated, except that the former “Bureau” remained, in addition to a new “Desktop” file, and some confusion between the two for the system, even after an overnight reboot.

The only way to get it straight was to choose English from the GDM menu, make it default, and choose a GNOME session.
I played around with symbolic links to no avail.


LP bug report