Gmail now offers IMAP

The following page is tagged “updated 10/23/2007″:

Look in your Gmail account Settings page, you should see a “forwarding POP/IMAP” menu.
Unfortunately, this feature is not available, yet, for my own account. Still sticking to POP :(


Edit: Woopsies, Aaron had it :D
/me should check more carefully..

Two more handy WordPress plugins

I would get lots of spam comments. Akismet plugin is catching nearly all of them (just 2 out of currently 814 spam comments got through to the moderation queue) and I had set up all comments to go to moderation before they got posted.
I think it’s quite annoying for people who want to leave a comment to have their post go to moderation, but I highly dislike seeing spam on other blog’s comments when I’m subscribed to them. Not to talk about my blog.

In addition, I had not allowed Pings and Trackbacks, because lot of spam can come this way.

Then I read Christer Edwards blog post on Planet Ubuntu and installed the two following plugins:

I will see how it goes, but this weekend, after setting up the captcha, not a single spam!

Two handy WordPress plugins

You may already know the akismet plugin to filter out spam comments. Here are two that can come handy : the backup plugin and the contact form plugin.

  • The backup plugin came along with WordPress (2.0 and above). I never paid attention to it :/ Quite easy : just go to the Plugins tab and activate it (WordPress Database Backup). Then to the Manage tab, and choose Backup. It is better to download the backup file to your computer.
  • The contact form plugin needs to be downloaded (accordingly to your WordPress release) and the extracted files uploaded to wp-content/plugins/wp-contact-form/. In addition to what is recommended on Ryan Duff’s blog, I had to create a post slug (contact) to get it working on the pages entries.

Here you go ;-)