Tim Berners-Lee talks about women in IT

Tim Berners-Lee invented the WorldWideWeb. I like the screenshots of the browser you can find here :)

In a recent article on zdnet.co.uk by Tom Espiner, he points at the “geek culture” that “that disregards the work of capable female engineers, and puts others off entering the profession.”
Interesting reading.

I’d like to point out that “geek culture” is only one of the ingredients to the under-representation of women in IT, or in Sciences in general. I see it also as a social and education issue (link to a related UF thread, with very good points discussed).
Of course, it would help a lot that women involvement/employment/careers gain the same opportunities than the men ones (the other way around is also true), and that women representations shift away from the hot chick/go-go dancer/blond with big boobs objectifications. Our society has to evolve, our education system has to stop renewing the usual stereotypes (all of them, including ethnics and religion, not only regarding gender).
Lots of work ahead!

Thanks to Aurelie who linked that article in the LinuxChix.fr mailing list, and to all the humans who work towards integration, especially within Linux communities.

Women in Technology

Women in Technology

An O’Reilly series of articles on women in Tech, written by women, during the month of September. Looking forward to reading them. I’ll link them here as they come.

Thanks Liz for sharing this on a LinuxChix mailing list :)


ubuntuforums thread
Ubuntu-Women mailing list thread

Examples of women representations in Hi-tech ads (”Conseil Général des Yvelines” website and Linux Journal)

I wish to relay here two actions undertaken on LinuxChix mailing lists .org and .fr, links to websites are in right panel.
Both ads share the same visual support for Hi-tech, women body parts, in a French “Département” website or in a Linux paper mag. No need to remind me that yogurt or cars get the same type of ads. This is no proof of being adequate or that it will never change.

If you think, as I do, that Hi-tech can be sold to prospective customers without supposing that they are men (yes, they are women within these customers) who need to be comforted suggesting that the product, such as the women body, will always be available (*Ahem-cough-cough*, gentlemen, you’re worth much better than this), you could send an email (link « Nous écrire » or « Contact Us » on each websites). Thanks.

French version here.

Exemples de la représentation des femmes dans des pubs Hi-tech (site du Conseil Général des Yvelines et Linux Journal)

Je souhaite relayer ici deux actions qui sont menées en parallèle sur les listes de diffusion des LinuxChix, .org et .fr. Les liens des deux sites sont dans la barre de droite.
Les deux pubs ont en commun de proposer le corps des femmes comme support de pub pour des nouvelles technologies, sur le site d’un département français ou d’un magasine sur Linux. Ce n’est pas la peine de me rappeler qu’on vend aussi des yaourts ou des voitures de la même façon. Le fait que cette méthode de pub se pratique couramment par ailleurs n’est une justification ni de sa pertinence ni de son caractère immuable.

Si vous aussi vous pensez que les nouvelles technologies peuvent être vendues à des clients potentiels sans forcément supposer qu’ils sont des hommes (oui, il y a des femmes parmi ces clients), ayant besoin d’être rassurés en leur suggérant que, comme le corps des femmes, le produit sera toujours disponible (messieurs, vous valez bien mieux que ça), vous pourriez leur envoyer un mail (lien « Contact Us » ou « Nous écrire » sur ces deux sites respectivement). Merci.

English version here.

Great, just great. Some questionable women stuff on planet ubuntu-fr

So its labeled “No-comment“. Sure thing, I wont comment!

Not on the blog itself, though. Because I’m sick of this, because I’ve already commented and moderated such women representations within the French Ubuntu community, and the price was high, very high.

So you are free to put whatever you want on your desktop, on your blog, on your site, on your door, window, mail box, car, tee shirt, tatoo whatever you want, wherever you want, but this blog article is syndicated on Planet ubuntu-fr.

Not only this is a Marvel copyrighted material, originally from some obscure flickr-whatever you call it, but its now on a Ubuntu related (official?) Planet.

Planet Ubuntu-fr goes out of my liferea rss feed reader. I’ll subscribe to the blogs I usually read individually.

So very well, comments are closed. I’ve heard it all already, thanks. And I’m not publishing this on the section that is relayed on Planet Ubuntu-Women and Planet Ubuntu-Users and I wont translate it in French either.

Réflexions au sujet d’Ubuntu-Women avec Jono Bacon : les logs

Vous pouvez télécharger les logs ici :
je mettrai cet article à jour avec un lien sur les logs de la première réunion quand ils seront disponibles.

La prochaine réunion avec Jono aura lieu le mardi 1er mai 2007, à 16:00 UTC (18:00 en France métropolitaine), sur #ubuntu-women @ irc.freenode.net.

Hi, I’m Linux ;-D

Well, once again thanks to my friend Stemp, I came across this great add Novel people have made up during BrainShare Conference this week.
You can have it directly in .mpg or .ogg and read more on Ted Haeger blog post.


All in all, it’s a balance that we hope to have struck right: representing Linux
as sexy and confident, while avoiding sexual cliches that are degrading to women.

Some more videos to come :)

edit: second video is out, .mpg and .ogg
“I’ll probably wear this for the next 6 or 7 years :D”

edit n°2: third video .mpg and .ogg
“I could not help myself” ;-D

Very neatly done!